Certified Organic Contour & Highlight Kit

Zuii Organic UK
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 Try some of our best selling products in our Certified Organic Contour & Highlight Kit. This Certified Vegan and cruelty free kit will give you flawless definition, glowing skin and a high-impact highlight. It contains:  🌸

  • Contour Bronzer - for flora-based definition
  • Luminising Creme - for a full-body glow 🌸 
  • Mango Diamond Sparkle Blush - for a shimmery highlight

     Refer to individual products.


    Contour Bronzer - Apply the bronzer in circular motions with a Kabuki Brush to add depth to the face and body. Build as desired to darken the skin.

    Luminising Creme - This creme can be used on a daily basis. Pump a small amount onto the fingertips and massage onto the body and/or face for a bronzed glow.

    Mango Diamond Sparkle Blush - This loose powder can be used on your cheeks, eyes and body. Use a brush to sweep the product on the high points of your face and body.